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Hy name is Adrian.

Most people call me Andy or Adi.


Below you will find a little about

my Background, Vehicle Services  and

 Passion for unique and rare

Timeless Motor Classics.



I am a Photographer and Camera Man by trade

with a huge passion for older Classics particularly

 Mercedes' and Porsches. I have several of them in

my own Collection and enjoy them tremendously.


Over the last 2o some

years of actively being in and around Classic cars and

bikes I have extensive factual and mechanical knowledge

and experience particularly in pre 1990 Mercedes SLs

and Porsche 911s.


Having lived on and off in Europe

for 20 years and another 20 years in the US, I have

extensive National and International contacts in and around

pretty much every aspect of the Classic car market.


When ever time away from my main Businesses

allows me, my vehicle services include but are not

limited to vehicle Photography, Web design, Auctions,

paper ad Promotions and Listings of rare and

unique Classics.


The cars I usually work with are from my own collection,

friends, club members, local and some times nation

wide Classic car enthusiasts/collectors, people from the

Mercedes and Porsche Clubs, which

I am also a member off.  The vehicles I find new homes for,

for other people, usually go out of state  and out of the country,

but mostly to Europe.



I speak 3 languages fluently which has been

very helpful and instrumental for me and the people I

interact with through out the world. In particular speaking

German fluently, has been a great asset, since the cars

I mostly focus on are Mercedes and Porsches, but

BMW and VW's I am very familiar with as well.



In general, I am drawn to and love all unique and interesting

Classic Cars no matter what part of the world they are from,

or whether they are $1,000 or $1,000.000.



To me they all have a heart and sole and the more

unique and unusual their story is, the better. Although I

do appreciate a perfect or well preserved original or restored car,

they do not have to be perfect for me to enjoy them.



Unlike a lot of other classic car enthusiasts and collectors,

I prefer to drive and actually use and enjoy my cars. I always

 have and till this day am participating in 2 wheel and 4

wheel vintage race track events.



On a special request basis my services also include

specialty vehicle inspections, appraisals and purchases for

mostly private parties and in some instances Classic

car dealers.


Even though especially lately I do not have as much time

as I would like to devote to the cars, Classic cars always

have and always will be my all time favorite passion and hobby.


 I am always open to meeting people with the

same passion and with great classic car stories

and conversation pieces. You are always welcome to share

your stories and pictures of your cars via e-mail  at




Thank you for your interest and time.

Enjoy your Timeless Motor Classics,

what ever they may be!


Dear friends and classic car enthusiasts:

Many of you have asked me why you have not heard from me lately and why I have not been able

to participate in some of our regular car show and club events all over the world. There are several reasons:

I moved to San Francisco, I got married and have been helping my wife establish and grow her new

business. Those efforts and some unforeseen related circumstances have required

my assistance and will continue to do so as long as my help is needed. This is why I have not

communicated with some of you and why I have not much participated in our favorite pastime - Classic Cars.

Nevertheless, I will try to make myself available on a limited time basis. Please send me any requests or inquiries to:


I will try to do my best to respond as soon as I can. Take care, and hopefully we will speak soon.









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